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The BluSiren Real Estate application gives the sales rep the ability to create, proof, and approve home listings from either the iPad or desktop computer, all in a matter of minutes. Custom photo-editing tools, listing details, and customizable detail fields and drop-down menus make listing homes a breeze. Upload your photos to our server and gain peace of mind that photos will never again be lost or misplaced. Complete, print-ready real estate booklet PDFs are easily downloaded to your desktop with one click of the mouse.

Edit any realtors' listings at any time
Adding a listing to any realtors' page is simple as well as thorough
Choose what listings your agents can access based on user privileges
We load each of your clients' templates to use week after week
We allow full customizing with the ability to add & delete listing options to fit your needs
Photos can be batch uploaded to our server or straight from your hard drive
Edit your photos with our crop tool


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Submitting and approving auto listings has never been easier. With custom drop downs for different makes and models and templates to use, a sales rep can build their entire full page ad directly on-site while submitting all the information through their iPad or a desktop computer. If desired, all the dealerships can have personal access for the ability to enter their own ads and save a trip for the sales rep. When complete, the PDF can be submitted as a camera ready ad for pagination.

Instant proof of live ad
Custom templates for each dealer
Crop and photo-editing tool
Sort Option for creating the final ad (sort by price, make, model, etc.)
Customizable Interior, Exterior and Additional Description Options


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The Etcetera application gives the sales rep the ability to be extremely flexible with generalized templates and information. This is used for ads that have the standard headline, body copy, photo and footer. Employment opportunities, restaurants, department stores, mom and pop shops, celebrations and obituaries can all be put under this application. Like mentioned before, clients can be given access if agreed upon. They can edit their own ads, proof them and send them in, ready to go! The possibilities are endless with this application!

Proof any ad in minutes
Templates based on your needs
Dynamic crop and photo-editing tools
Administrative Securities

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• A print-ready PDF downloadable to your desktop in minutes.

• Both iPad® and desktop versions of the software are available and they work together seemlessly.

• Photograph, enhance, & crop your picture right in the application.*
*Photograph with iPad® only

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• Added rep mobility allows them to work more efficiently.

• Our software is fully customizable making the transition seamless into daily workflow.

• The time you will save using BluSiren allows for less reps and more ads!